Friday, 27 April 2012

Stephen Evans joins Wenger

Wenger Australia is pleased to announce 
the appointment of a new ambassador.


Bondi-based Stephen Evans is one of Australia's iconic landscape and still-life artists. Drawing inspiration from his beloved hometown of Bondi, Stephen is renowned for his lively Bondi landscape and beachscape paintings.

Stephen's love for the outdoors and passion for all things creative shine through his works. These capture the essence of his laidback landscape, immediately engaging, stimulating and provoking the viewer with their direct, bold style. 

Passionate about painting and about Sydney and Bondi in particular, Stephen creates unique, distinctive landscapes with technical brilliance and bold use of colour, light and form.
Stephen first became a fan of Wenger in 2008 when he was captivated by the bright yellow dial on our Aerograph Chrono which he still wears today

As he now uses the Ranger 57 when he goes camping and the Evolution S54 for the handy jobs, the water bottles when biking to and from the studio every day as well as the Wenger forged knives in his kitchen. We thought it was definitely time to make him a Wenger ambassador.

Stephen eagerly awaits his new Seaforce Divers watch 0641.101 which is due to arrive in June as well as the new Handyman Rangergrip 90.822

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