Friday, 11 May 2012

Wenger's perfect Mother's day Gift

She fed you, burped you, cleaned and groomed you from day dot; what could you possibly give back your mother that compares with that?
How about a mobile manicure…the EvoWood Swiss Army Knife which according to the The Wall Street Journal  is a "sleek tool that you'll admire even when it's not in use” and with its natural walnut handle sustainably ‘grown’ in Switzerland, each EvoWood knife is an individual one­-off knife which will develop a beautiful patina over time.
Whether it’s an urgent nail emergency, a brow-furrowing stray brow hair, or a pesky after-sushi-seaweed-in-teeth catastrophe, mummy dearest will have the sharp and snappy answer all-in-one.

Mum will feel like Mary Poppins and James Bond as she whips out her nail clipper, file and cleaner, scissors, tweezers, toothpick and knife from her handbag in an instant.
Steven Sher, MD of Wenger Australia says before there was the iPhone, there was a tool that most people kept in their pockets or handbags that could perform multiple tasks; the pocket knife.  The EvoWood is perfectly designed for women and is an innovative gift for mums for Mother’s Day. Nail Clip Wood 580

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