Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wenger Teams up with The Drapac Cycling Team

Wenger are proud to announce the sponsorship of The Drapac Cycling Team.

The association is a perfect fit with Wenger, as Drapac’s aim is to create multi dimensional people, with an emphasis on athletic, career, personal and social development and Wenger looks to the future with sleek and modern design innovations; with a strong emphasis on outdoors and outdoor activities.

 “Drapac Professional Cycling is revolutionary. The first of its kind in Australasia. The, currently, privately funded enterprise uses cycling as the medium to redefine the way not only athletes, but also how our society, measures success. 

Developed in 2004, the program aims to counteract the mono dimensional culture that defines Australian sport, a culture where athletes have a sole focus on medals or results. We instead look to create multi dimensional people, not just athletes, by placing equal emphasis on athletic, career, personal and social development.

Drapac Professional Cycling is a proud ambassador of Wenger and with their impressive dedication for results and ground breaking model, they share the same spirit and attention to detail as the brand.”

“Drapac Professional Cycling’s partnership with Wenger has helped increased their awareness and appreciation of time and timekeeping.  “Time is the determining factor in our sport and races can be won or lost in only a matter of seconds.” - Jonathan Breekveldt  - Team Manager

Drapac Cycling team is right in the middle of the Tour of Thailand and will start the Tour of Korea on the 22nd April.

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